The Land of Sonū is home to five distinct people, many of which are descended from ancient humans. Okun, Emere, Ezinde, Temera, as well as humans, inhabit the Land of Sonū - not always peacefully.


Humans appear much as they always have but the centuries since the Great Wars have eroded the subtle differences they once used to divide themselves into distinct ethnic groups. Most have darkly tanned or darker skin, often made darker by time in the sun.

The Emere

Emere are descended from the early inhabitants of the World That Was, an ancient time of magic, and have evolved to the point that there is very little difference between Emere and mortal humans. The Emere retain an affinity for magic and a reverence for "the space between" that is rarer among humans.


The Ezinde

Like the Okun, the Ezinde are descended from humans. Unlike the Okun, their ancestors weathered the aftermath of the Great Wars above ground, exposed to the poisons and dangerous radiation, surviving by taking shelter in the dense forests where the poisons were less likely to penetrate the thick canopy.


The Okun

Okun dwell primarily in the southern reaches of the Groei woodlands, watching with the suspicion their small kingdom’s long border with the Hegemony, though some have come to enjoy the company of Emere, even some of the less bristly folk of the Hegemony.


The Temera

These creatures are nomadic, feared for their fighting prowess and heavy armor, and inhabit the wilderlands of beyond the Stonefang mountains. Despite their strict code of conduct and history of warfare, the Temerans are surprisingly peaceful.