The Ezinde


Like the Okun, the Ezinde are descended from humans. Unlike the Okun, their ancestors weathered the aftermath of the Great Wars above ground, exposed to the poisons and dangerous radiation, surviving by taking shelter in the dense forests where the poisons were less likely to penetrate the thick canopy.

In present-day Sonū they make their home in the dense northern forests of Groei region (known to the Ezinde as the Nocgroei) and parts of the Thurzan Reach, often at odds with Okun territory. This enmity has erupted into frequent border raids on Okun and Orothuran communities.

Ezinde is a superstitious lot that lives reclusive tribal lives and retain a healthy fear of the creatures which inhabit the Thurzan Reach and Dreadhaven Peaks. They have elongated arms which they use to navigate the dense forests with great ease. Their physiques are twisted and gnarled from the poisons their ancestors endured and their skin is tinged a sickly pallor with patches of coarse, bleached-white hair. The aggressive people are at home in the forest and their use of poisons is well-known. Those who come under assault by a band of Ezinde Hunters are wary of suffering even minor wounds, as symptoms are oft-delayed.