The Emere

player race

Emere are descended from the early inhabitants of the World That Was, an ancient time of magic, and have evolved to the point that there is very little difference between Emere and mortal humans. The Emere retain an affinity for magic and a reverence for "the space between" that is rarer among humans.

It was the Emere who first defeated the Darklings, banishing them behind the Veil Wall, a magic barrier that keeps prisoner the creatures which preyed upon humans in the Old World and whose sinister manipulations brought about the Great Wars.

Emere once flourished, becoming withdrawn when the Hegemony flexed its might and, in their ignorance, blamed the Emere for heralding the dark magic which has threatened the peace on Sonū throughout its history. Today, their capital city of Tegian is a veritable ghost town as the Emere make a mass exodus from their territory. Most people don’t even realize the Emere are leaving their territory behind, much less their destination. The only certainty is that their numbers are dwindling and many outlying settlements in the Mere Vale have been retaken by the wilderness.

Historically, Emere and humans have been known to intermarry. In other cases, Emere have been known to use illusion and deception in order to interbreed with humans. Regardless of how the two people breed, it is rare and leads to the manifestation of unforeseen mystical talent in their descendants. Though the talent does not manifest in every generation, remaining dormant - sometimes for hundreds of years - before presenting again. Of note, the talent always manifests when the Land of Sonū needs magic the most and always in an unpredictable and ever-evolving way.

Physically, Emere are shorter and more slight than humans, bipedal, and their upper body is covered in a layer of keratin scales - the colors ranging from brown to bronze to brilliant blue, yellow, and gold. They possess a natural grace that they use to great effect, both in combat and in court. Their eyes have a vertical slit, like a cat, and they have no outer ear. It is said the Emere were born of The Land and serve as its protectors. They are strong-willed, some would say arrogant, people who have revered the ways of magic and were instrumental in defeating the eldritch threats during the March of Narmunz. In many ways, they are the antithesis of the Hegemony’s citizens.