The Okun


Okun dwell primarily in the southern reaches of the Groei woodlands, watching with the suspicion their small kingdom’s long border with the Hegemony, though some have come to enjoy the company of Emere, even some of the less bristly folk of the Hegemony.

They have a bitter rivalry with the neighboring Ezinde tribes of the northern Groei woodlands, both laying claim to the whole of the Groei woodlands and forested foothills of the Stonefangs and Dreadhaven Peaks.

Okun are the descendants of humans who took shelter in caves during the Great Wars, living deep underground for centuries before once again emerging into the world above and, upon seeing the stars and open sky, vowing never to return below. Their time beneath the surface shortened their stature, making them stocky, with rough skin, squinty eyes, and lacking body hair. Returned to the surface world, they are expert woodsmen and loyal friends, hardier than most and excellent hunters. Most avoid urban life, preferring to explore and experience new lands. Those that prefer a more posh life have settled in the central district of Groei’s Rest where they are artisans, craftsmen, or merchants.

Artwork by Dean Spencer Art.