Apokalyptic Publishing is an indie publisher providing fun, mini-supplements for many different OGL games - and I kinda dig playing them, too. I'm a huge fan of games set in post-apocalyptic or low-magic fantasy settings. I also believe in taking a "sandbox" approach to gaming, giving just enough detail for game masters and players to let their imagination run wild. I hope you find the same inspiration to tell a great, compelling story.

- Peter Adams, COO
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Product Lines

Our products are thematic in nature, presenting sides in a conflict or dichotomies to inspire the game master to create memorable campaigns.

Ancient Adversaries

This is a supplement series which presents two new races for use in any setting. Each is embroiled in an unnamed ancient conflict with the other. Every release will provide players and game masters with complete stats, adventure plot points, and character archetypes which can be placed into any campaign setting. Currently, we are focusing on the Savage Worlds rules, but these may be adapted to other systems in the future.

Wonders of Fantasy

Wonders of Fantasy is a supplement series for Savage Worlds that presents gear, Edges, Powers, or alternate mechanics for use in any Savage Worlds fantasy campaign and is easily adaptable to any genre. Each supplement is designed to find new ways to trap existing mechanics and is setting-agnostic.

Land of Sonū

An all-new, low-magic fantasy setting designed to Savage Worlds Adventure Edition, we're taking a slightly different approach. Rather than release one huge setting guide that may or may not have everything you want, we're going to release Sonū as a series of adventure sourcebooks, each with an overview of the relevant regions, some inhabitants, both friendly and foul, and a series of separate, but related, one-sheets that can be slotted into any existing fantasy campaign, or run in order.

Where We Play

In addition to home games, you can also keep an eye out for games we're playing in or running at these cons!

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