Land of Sonū

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It has been nearly two hundred years since the Sthanex, a book of dark magic crafted during the March of Naramunz, was destroyed, though whispers of a surviving page circulate in smoky taverns throughout the Hegemony. The Hegemony has overthrown the Ghaid noble houses and set its sights on crushing the resistance in the last remaining stronghold of free-born humans and the lands of the Okun. The Emere along the northeastern shores have withdrawn from the world, blamed by the imperialist Hegemony for many of the world’s ills and lacking the fortitude to engage in a prolonged war. The Okun of the southern Groei woodlands cast a wary eye on the Hegemony as relations between Groei’s Rest and the Hegemony have cooled as small border skirmishes erupt between Okun Hunters and Hegemonic Warriors. The Temera in the barren north remain as withdrawn as ever, staying well within the borders of the mountains and cold forests common to the region.

Sonū, once rescued from darkness by a sacrifice known to few, is permeated by uneasiness, tension, and sinister forces. What follows is a brief overview of The Land of Sonū in the decades prior to the Wraith War.

World Overview

Sonū has known conflict throughout its history. While the Hegemony blames magic for the woes of the denizens of the Known Lands, Sonū emerged from the darkness brought about by the Great Wars embracing magic, despite its misguided use. Still, there are those who seek the old ways of science and technology and its rules over the arbitrary talent of magic-users.


The Land of Sonū is home to five distinct people, many of which are descended from ancient humans. Okun, Emere, Ezinde, Temera, as well as humans, inhabit the Land of Sonū - not always peacefully.