World Overview

Sonū has known conflict throughout its history. While the Hegemony blames magic for the woes of the denizens of the Known Lands, Sonū emerged from the darkness brought about by the Great Wars embracing magic, despite it's misguided use. Still, there are those who seek the old ways of science and technology and its rules over the arbitrary talent of magic-users.

Key Historical Events

Sonū has persevered through dark times, the horrors of war, and foul magic. Though relations between the humans and the other races of the Known World, its current landscape has been shaped by several key events.

Magic in Sonū

Magic is as alive in the Land of Sonū as any of its inhabitants. It is a force of nature and can be unforgiving, abusive, corrupt, and dangerous. Many of the land’s inhabitants see magic as a simple tool that is a means to an end.