Wonders of Fantasy 1: Artifacts of Sonu

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Wonders of Fantasy presents both a new method of creating your own magic items for your favorite Savage Worlds Fantasy Setting and some sample artifacts using that same system. Add in some new Edges, Powers, and Trappings, and you'll find this a great supplement for any Fantasy game using the Savage Worlds rules. Keep your fantasy campaign Fast, Furious, and Fun with:

This title requires the Savage Worlds Super Powers Companion.

Wonders of Fantasy: Artifacts of Sonu is available exclusively from DriveThruRPG.

Wonders of Fantasy is a supplement series for Savage Worlds. Each volume presents gear, Edges, Powers, or alternate mechanics for use in any Savage Worlds fantasy campaign (and easily adaptable to any genre). Each supplement is built to be flexible, but may reference specific elements and settings to be presented in future products..

Wonders of Fantasy requires the Savage Worlds core rules to play and references the Savage Worlds Super Powers Companion.