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Adventures in Sonū: Defector

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This volume of Adventures in Sonū presents an overview of a small part of Sonū, it's inhabitants, some common (and not-so-common) adversaries, and a fantasy adventure series, Defector. While set in the Land of Sonū, an all-new low-magic fantasy setting, the adventures can be adapted to any fantasy setting by either substituting races from your own setting or dropping the new races into your existing setting.

What you get...

  • Two new races: the Okun and the Ezinde
  • Three new adversaries
  • Three new Wild Card NPCs
  • Regional Overview of the Groei Woodlands, the Southern Hegemony, and the Ezinde Hunters
  • Defector: an adventure series in four parts which can be played in order or dropped into a larger campaign

Adventures in Sonū is a supplement series for Savage Worlds. Each volume presents setting material, new races, Edges, Hindrances, Powers, and/or adversaries and a series of separate by connected adventures for use in any Savage Worlds low-magic fantasy campaign (and easily adaptable to any fantasy campaign). Rather than produce another Savage Worlds setting, we want to provide a launching point for adventures to new an existing GMs.