Ancient Adversaries 2: Cin & Yilan

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Ancient Adversaries Volume 2 presents two new races suitable for any Savage Worlds fantasy setting, the Cin and the Yilan. One lives a peaceful rural life, though recent generations have begun to explore and travel. The new generation's wanderlust has brought them into conflict with the reclusive and isolationist highland serpents.

Every Ancient Adversaries module contains:

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Ancient Adversaries is a supplement series for Savage Worlds. Each release presents two new races for use in any Savage Worlds setting. Each is embroiled in an unnamed ancient conflict with the other. Every release will provide players and game masters with complete stats, adventure plot points, and character archetypes which can be placed into any Savage Worlds campaign setting.

Ancient Adversaries requires the Savage Worlds core rules to play and references the Savage Worlds Fantasy Companion.